Sharks and Bony Fish

Sedimentary deposits containing sharks and bony fish can be assigned to the Mississippian because of how the evolution narrative, of development from primitive to advanced, overlays with the geological timescale.

Spherogenetic Systematics

In the book of Jonah it's said that the Lord prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. In the book of Matthew, Jesus describes Jonah spending three days and three nights in the belly of a whale. Is this a problem?

Diversification of Fishes

Billions of fish died during Noah's flood. Whole tribes were buried in sediment as it fell out of the sky. Wait, what? How does sediment fall out of the sky? Good question. We're going to have fun with that tomorrow.

Feeding the 5000

In John Chapter 6 is Jesus demonstrates the conversion of energy from one form to another and he attempts to explain the first law of thermodynamics. He lost many followers in the process.

August 10th

When we (that's me and the Holy spirit) examined the evidence we couldn't avoid the obvious conclusion that Mississippian sediments are the remains of an ecosystem which was buried in a flood.

May 20th

In spherogenetic systematics Fish is a higher rank than Whale. The fish of the sea is everything created in the hydrosphere. Whale is a subcategory. The thing that swallowed Jonah was both a fish and a whale.

March 16th

Jonah gives us direct observation of the pillars of the earth. Direct observation is also known as empirical. The pillars of the earth aren't allegorical, metaphorical or theoretical, they're empirical.

February 28th

The biological definition of life and what the Bible describes as living aren't the same thing. This is important to know as we see how the process of creation unfolded. Biology is the foundation of secular humanism.