The Foundations of the Earth in Hebrew

Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together.

(Isaiah 48:13) KJV

The way we find all of the meaning which is contained in the phrase the foundations of the earth is to systematically examine all of the different Hebrew word combinations which have been translated this way.

This is the underlying structure for a monograph that we’re working on. It’s an exposition of Hebrew words and phrases which reveal the theory of Biblical quantum gravitation (BQG).

Foundation(s) of the Earth/World (Hebrew)

to establish, found, fixyasad
to foundvelisoderetsIsaiah 51:16
and laid the foundation of the earthveyosederetsIsaiah 51:13
Zechariah 12:1
foundedyasaderetsProverbs 3:19
you foundedyasadtaeretsPsalms 102:25
you foundedyasadtaPsalms 104:8
foundedyasedaheretsIsaaiah 48:13
which He has foundedyesadahPsalms 24:2
Psalms 78:69
Isaiah 23:13
Amos 9:6
were you when I laid the foundationbeyasedieretsJob 38:4
a fixed or established placemakon
upon its foundationsmechoneihaeretsPsalms 104:5
a standing placemaqom
out of its placemimekomaheretsJob 9:6
Isaiah 13:13
the foundationsmosdeieretsPsalms 82:5
Proverbs 8:29
the foundationsmosdeieretsIsaiah 24:18
Jeremiah 31:37
from the foundationsmosdoteretsIsaaiah 40:21
the foundationsmosedeieretsMicah 6:2
the foundationsmosdeiharDeuteronomy 32:22
the foundationsumosdeiharPsalms 18:7
the foundationsmosdottebelPsalms 18:15
the foundationsmosedottebel2 Samuel 22:16
– Variations of the phrase “foundation of the earth/world” hold a lot of meaning.

The Foundation of the Earth

The phrase “the foundation(s) of the earth/world” carries a lot of meaning. We conduct a systematic study of the phrase.

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