The Qur’an

Creation Theory Predictive Testable Hypothesis 17

We tried to read through the Qur’an about 15 years ago. Along the way it occurred to us that our time may be better spent reading the Bible. Now that we have read through the Bible 15 or so times and have been studying it daily for many years we picked up the Qur’an again. It is absolutely fascinating. Which leads us to ponder the question:

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 17

  • IF the Qur’an is truly divine in nature,
    • AND it’s a revelation from the God of the Holy Bible as it claims,
  • THEN it should be congruent with the Axioms, Corollaries and Principles of Principia Mattymatica.

We are just beginning to examine the Qur’an from a scientific perspective. Obviously this is a sensitive subject for many people and this is not something that we take lightly.

These are the Principles that the Qur’an must be compatible with:

Principia Mattymatica – Principles

IGod Can’t Lie and the Bible is TrueTitus 1:2
IIThe Original Languages Contain the Mind of ChristPsalms 12:6-7
IIIThe Deep is an Incarnation of GodProverbs 3:19
IVLife Began in Zero-Gravity1 John 1:1-2
VGravity was Created on the 2nd DayIsaiah 48:13
VIThe Firmament is on the Edge of SpacePsalms 150:1
VIIEvolution isn’t the Origin of HumanityRomans 5:12
VIIINuclear Decay Rate isn’t ConstantProverbs 16:11
IXGravity is the LawJohn 3:16
– The Principles of Principia Mattymatica

The Qur’an must also support the following major findings:

  1. There is a crystalline firmament on the edge of space which accounts for 90% of the mass of the universe
  2. The expansion of hell is the cause of global warming.

Either we will deduce that the Qur’an is not compatible with the physics of the universe as revealed in the Holy Bible – in which case it is not Divine in nature, or it will be found to be compatible with the physics of the universe revealed in the Holy Bible – in which case it will be found to be a confirmation of the earlier scriptures, which is what it claims to be.

Are we brave enough to proceed with this investigation given that either outcome is likely to upset a lot of people?

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