Deducing the Deep

God as the Holy Trinity existed with a formless mass of water in darkness, but they weren't the only ones present. There are passages in the Bible that make it clear that God had already created all human souls.

Not Just any Oxygen

In the particle trinity which we deduced from the first two verses of Genesis, the Holy Spirit is Omega, Oxygen. However, the Holy Spirit can't be just any Oxygen, or everyone would be filled with the Holy Spirit all the time.

Principle I Summary

The Bible contains the conditions necessary for nucleosynthesis and the creation of gravity in a way that predicts gravitational time dilation. These are things that Bronze Age goat herders couldn't possibly have known.

Hypothesis 7

If the entire body of the deep underwent nucleosynthesis and energy radiated from every particle in existence, then there ought to be an even distribution of radiation and elementary particles. There's your CMBR.