Hypothesis 31

Educational poster diagram of Bowen's reaction series.

The core accretion model (Hypothesis 1) may be expanded to include the formation of a second series of strata which became the firmament, a sphere of rigid crystal on the edge of space.

Eras, Periods and Epochs

The Geological Timescale is split into fours Eras. These are broadly obvious from significant transitions between sequences of sedimentary formations. The Precambrian is obviously very different to everything above it.

Hypothesis 19

The presence of extraterrestrial material at the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary gives us the premise for a predictive testable hypothesis. However, hypothesis 19 has nothing to do with a meteorite impact.

October 26th

We use multiple lines of investigation including scripture, empirical observations, theoretical models, and physical evidence to deduce the presence of a sphere of crystal on the edge of space.

August 28th

Noah's flood was not only a world-wide catastrophe, it was also a process which involved several stages. It gives us a way to account for the stratigraphic column, Cambrian through Quaternary.