Time no Longer

How could there be no night in the new Jerusalem for ever and ever but, at the same time, day and night in the lake of fire for ever and ever? Physics and our unified theory of everything resolve this perfectly.

Heliocentric #EpicFail

How do you rationalize an event where it looked like the sun and moon stopped moving? You could say that the Earth stopped rotating, but the sun and moon maintained their relative position with each other.


Venus may have been the source of the fire and brimstone which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It may also have been the source of the hail mingled with fire in the Exodus. Any time fire fell from heaven, that's what Venus is for.

They Have No Understanding

Lately there really hasn't been much interest in our challenge to prove heliocentricity. We've dealt with every issue which was raised and neutralized it. Anyone who wanted to challenge us already has, and lost.

Eternal Torment

The eternal torment referred to by the Bible doesn't take place in hell, which is temporarily in the center of the Earth, there's another location: a lake of fire and brimstone in outer darkness.