East of Eden

Sunlight filtering throught leave of a knarled tree in the fall

The east of Eden may seem like a vague reference, particularly if we were asking for directions, but it may be the location of an intriguing event which may have jump started the development of technology.


What is science? The word is used to refer to beneficial technology like the iPhone but also to a pseudoscientific narrative of godless existence. The word, as used, refers to a mixture of truth and error.

Strong Delusion

Why would God send a strong delusion if we've been given knowledge of the truth? Do you love the truth, or hate it? Some people don't want it. You have a choice. You can believe anything you want.

February 27th

If you don't understand mainstream science (SciPop) well enough to know that it's not a threat to the Bible, and try to live a Christian life without the truth of the Bible, then you have no armor of light.