A common response to the human soul is that there isn't one because science can't detect it. However, we first detected gravitational waves in 2015. What else can't science detect? We don't know, science can't detect it.

The Bars of the Pit

"The bars of the pit" is a synonym for "the pillars of the earth." They're in the great gulf or "mega chasm" which is the region of Earth's interior which popular science (SciPop) calls the "liquid outer core."

Hypothesis 13

Our theory of gravitation has developed to include the Human soul. Souls are gravity nodes, each one unique and containing our consciousness and personality. We can test the hypothesis with gravitational waves.

This Place of Torment

We're at the end of our trail of deduction for today and the only conclusion which we can reach is that the rich man is in the molten core of the Earth, the pit. Abraham and Lazarus are in the lower mantle, the midst of hell.