LEGO – logos

LEGO is a Greek word from which we get logos, one of the names of God the Son. In our context it describes the sequential laying down of thoughts to establish an argument. It's the basis of logic and reason.

June 5th

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) are investigating attributes of life in order to deduce its nature. The soul is distinct from the spirit: the spirit is the essence of life which powers metabolism, the soul is our self-awareness and personality.

June 2nd

What is the soul, and what is the spirit? The Jewish and Christian faiths incorporate both of these concepts. We need to carefully pick our way through these ideas and see what we can deduce.

May 13th

Satan's spiritual form is a vapor: specific chemical compound(s) which embody his character and nature, such that when someone has it in their system they're susceptible to his will.

May 2nd

When the Bible refers to something that hath life, it is referring to an entity which has a spirit and a soul. It is not equivalent to the biological definition of life.