Ex Nihilo vs. Ex Abyssi

The writer of Hebrews describes the creation of the universe as thermodynamically balanced. Apparently God created the universe from things which are invisible. We (that's me and the Holy spirit) propose atoms and molecules.

Ex nihilo #EpicFail

If we take our outreach evangelism back to creation we're going to have to deal with the odd notion that God created the universe from nothing. It's referred to as Ex nihilo. It's neither Biblical nor is it physically possible.

February 25th

We are going to show that the words faith and theory are synonyms. Sight and empirical are also synonyms. Empirical evidence is what we see. What we choose to believe about it is our faith.

January 22nd

The existence of the deep means that the process of creation does not require God to create anything from nothing. The first law of thermodynamics is not broken in the Biblical account of creation.

January 12th

God could have created a perfect world from nothing, and He could have made perfectly pure companions who would never disobey him. He didn't, He created a corrupted world from water. Why?