Eras, Periods and Epochs

The Geological Timescale is split into fours Eras. These are broadly obvious from significant transitions between sequences of sedimentary formations. The Precambrian is obviously very different to everything above it.

August 19th

40 days and nights of rain ended when the windows of heaven closed, causing a shower of Iridium rich shocked quartz and weathered glass beads to fall along with the last of the rain: the Noah's flood Iridium anomaly.

The Firmament Rabbit Trail

One of our favorite ways to study the Bible is to follow a doctrine through from the first time it's mentioned to the last. This is a great way to develop understanding of the doctrine in the broad narrative of scripture.

March 25th

Amos tells us that the great deep was devoured by fire, that's a conclusion which we can deduce from our spherical hollow earth model (SHEM) based on a gravitational singularity.