God Created Evil

Something that you may hear if you discuss religion with other people are questions like, Why does God allow evil to exist? It's a really good question, but fortunately we have a really good answer.

God Can’t Lie

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity

What are the logical implications of "God can't lie?" Total destruction of the popular science (SciPop) paradigm. Figuratively we're going to do to SciPop what Samson did in Lehi with a donkey's jawbone.

Visible and Invisible

We're using a deductive approach and allowing the Bible to reveal to us the way in which it interacts with our environment. This brings up an issue: We need to clarify the usage of two words, spiritual and physical. Holy spirit) use systematic deduction, allowing the Bible to reveal how it interacts with our environment. As such, we need to clarify the usage of two words, spiritual and physical.

August 11th

The description of the Pennsylvanian we have is an example of how to use inductive rationalization to make the remains of an ecosystem sound like it's evidence for a period of time.

July 18th

There's no age of accountability in the Bible. Children aren't innocent up until a certain age. The right to a legal safe abortion should be guaranteed, but each one carries with it the loss of a soul. Then we have it on our conscience.

July 4th

Matty's Paradigm a unified theory of everything

The fall of man and the corrupted state of creation aren't the same thing. The universe had to be created in a corrupted state so that the fall of man could take place.

December 8th

Christ's sacrificial death on the cross and the darkness immediately after it picture creation in the moments before God said "let there be light" before nucleosynthesis, the fabled "Big Bang."


Propitiation is the price paid for our redemption. This was Jesus himself. He lived a sinless life and his sacrifice was sufficient to pay for the sins of the whole world.