Deductive Questioning

Deductive reasoning is a way to use logic to deduce the answers to questions, but it's also used to deduce which questions we should be asking. We use a technique which we call deductive questioning.


What is science? The word is used to refer to beneficial technology like the iPhone but also to a pseudoscientific narrative of godless existence. The word, as used, refers to a mixture of truth and error.

Bible Versions

Different Bible versions, by which we mean English translations, differ broadly in how they render the original languages. A lot of people use this as an excuse to discount the Bible as being inaccurate and unreliable.

Science vs. Faith

The science vs. faith debate is smoke and mirrors because the words "science" and "faith" are poorly understood. The problem is that the words, as used, have definitions which don't fit the usage.

Soup or Milk?

Popular science (SciPop) came up with the theory of abiogenesis in a primordial soup many years ago. Then amino acids were made from simple precursors in a lab and SciPop decided that it had proven its theory.

What is a Fact?

Someone made the charge that we're denying science. It looked like the knee-jerk reaction of someone with a progressive agenda, a scientifically illiterate science worshiper (SISW). We attempted to explain two things: