Abraham and Job

We can be certain that Job was a contemporary of Abraham. This means that when Job describes God overturning mountains, he's recounting something that happened recently, about 200 or so years before him.

Dinosaurs in Jerusalem

We are told repeatedly by Jeremiah that dragons only inhabit places where there are no humans, or from where the humans have already been driven out. Judah only became a den of dragons after it became desolate.

Dinosaur Classification

Whether or not a Biblical word translated as a kind of serpent refers to something which may have been a dinosaur is context dependent. Sometimes a snake is just a snake. Sometimes a serpent is a Sauropod.

Dinosaurs Abundant

According to our compilation of doublespeak terms used in Paleobotany and Paleontology "abundant" is a euphemism for eradication. That's what Jurassic sediments preserve: the eradication of dinosaurs.