First Mammals; Rise of the Dinosaurs

I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls.

(Job 30:29) KJV

First mammals? A place where mammals were buried doesn’t make them the first mammals. The presence of mammal remains in sediment is used to place the sediment in timeline of the evolution narrative. That’s what you call circular reasoning.

The evidence isn’t the rise of the dinosaurs, the evidence is the mass destruction of dinosaurs and their ecosystem. This is another example of popular science doublethink (SciPop) which we’re calling Paleodoublespeak.


We can expand the concept of Doublethink beyond its use for the propaganda of a dystopian society and see that it’s at the heart of the SciPop narrative of godless existence.

Some folk like to point to the absence of fossils which contain both dinosaurs and humans as being evidence that dinosaurs and humans didn’t inhabit the earth at the same time. In case you weren’t aware, the absence of evidence isn’t evidence of anything.

Besides that, the Earth is a very large place. It was substantially larger at the time of Noah’s flood and had a much greater landmass. Habitats where dinosaurs lived weren’t the kinds of places where humans would choose to live. If the creatures referred to in the Bible as dragons are dinosaurs, then the Bible itself testifies that dragons prefer lonely desolate places.

May 26 – Dragons and Owls

Knowing the preferred habitat of dragons and owls will help us to answer the question: if humans and dinosaurs were alive on the Earth at the same time, why don’t we find their remains preserved together?

In the narrative the Permian mass extinction was what allowed the rise of the dinosaurs. However, since the Permian is a contrivance designed to obscure the significance of equatorial glaciation, and sediment assigned to the Triassic represents geographical locations, not periods of time, it’s nothing more than SciFi. Except that it’s Peer Reviewed SciFi which is masquerading as scientific knowledge and wisdom.

Triassic – Navigation

1TriassicMalachi 1:2-3
Arid to Semiarid, Savanna Type ClimatesExodus 3:1
Rise of the Cycadophytes, GinkgoalesProverbs 15:4
Decline of GlossopteridsRevelation 22:2
2First Mammals; Rise of the DinosaursJob 30:29
Late Triassic Wildfires2 Timothy 4:3-4
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate your way around the Triassic.

August 14th – Triassic

The Triassic is an ecosystem, not a period of time. It was buried in Noah’s flood.

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