Obviously the earth isn't flat, therefore, the Spirit of Truth can't lead you to that conclusion. It's very simple, God isn't going to expect you to believe something that's obviously wrong.

Mainstream Science is False

Popular science (SciPop) is false, but there's no alternative to it that accurately accounts for our observations of the universe and the testimony of Scripture. People have tried to do this, but they tried from within the SciPop paradigm, which is why they failed.

July 1st

The fall of man was an effect. The cause was disobedience. We're going to develop a coherent narrative around the harmonization of scripture with science because we understand the relationship between cause and effect.

May 24th

The heavenly realm, or firmasphere, was populated on the fourth day. Zechariah describes one heavenly being as a woman with the wings of a stork. This means that women existed in heaven before there were women on Earth.

December 22nd

Cutaway of planet Earth showing the crust, mantle, great gulf and hell.

Every Christian intellectual needs to understand the reasons why popular science doesn't have hell at the center of the earth and a great gulf of open space between the surface of hell and the lower mantle.