Deducing Life in Zero-G

The creation of gravity is one thing, but how do we deduce that life began before it? There are several clues. One involves the scriptural metaphor that milk has to come before solid food.

Spiritual Separation

Separation is a scriptural doctrine which is generally thought of in terms of Christians holding themselves apart from the rest of the world and avoiding worldly distraction which can lead us into sin. There's more to it than that.

Formless > Formed

In the beginning the deep was formless. The subsequent account of creation shows how form and function go through several rounds of increasing order and complexity. The first was to take on the form of a sphere.

Life Before Oxygen

In the Matty's Paradigm narrative cellular life originates in water in zero-G, before there was an atmosphere. Here's some science lingo attempting to explain super-sized prokaryotic cells in an environment with no oxygen.

Setting us Free

As we continue down our rabbit hole into the confluence of gravitation and redemption it's going to be helpful to think in terms of gravity, weight and weightlessness. The word redeem has some meaning to this effect.