Testing Hypothesis 27

We find our next clue in Genesis 4. The injured party, Abel, is crying out in pain and anguish in a way that the Lord can hear but Abel's body is dead and his blood is now seeping into the ground.

Hypothesis 27

We can combine the doctrine that we've existed from the foundation of the world (first cause), gravitation, the broad narrative of scripture, and redemption into a unified theory of everything and deduce the nature of the soul.

The Soul Conclusion

If science can't detect it then it doesn't exist. That's rhetoric which crops up on social media quite frequently. The soul is undetectable by popular science (SciPop) which is why scientists dismiss the possibility that it exists.

Soul vs. Body

The connection between the soul and the blood, as the life of the individual, is strong, but there's more to it than that. The soul isn't simply the result of the spirit dissolving in the blood.

A Blood-Soul Connection?

When God breathed life into Adam he became a living soul, so there's a connection between the life and the blood, which is why the Children of Israel and the early Church had prohibitions on eating blood or meat with blood in it.

What does Soul Refer to?

The word soul occurs 458 times in the KJV. The majority of these references are clearly references to the person as an individual. It's as if the word soul could be used interchangeably with any personal pronoun.

June 2nd

What is the soul, and what is the spirit? The Jewish and Christian faiths incorporate both of these concepts. We need to carefully pick our way through these ideas and see what we can deduce.