a drawing compass and the creation of gravity on the second day

So we (that's me and the Holy spirit (my imaginary friend (sent by my magical sky daddy))) have been practicing golf. Why, of all things, golf? Well, for one,

Elliptical vs. Cardioid

We need to know that some concepts are paradigm-dependent. This means that they only apply after accepting the premise of a paradigm. We've been discussing elliptical planetary orbits, that's a heliocentric concept.

Conic Sections

When we ask the question: what's at the second focus in Kepler's laws there's another stock response which comes up with surprising frequency. It appears that everyone has been trained to give this answer.


Christianity has been absently meandering alongside the wide road to destruction as an accomplice to popular science (SciPop) for generations. So why are we trying to wake these people up? Why now?

April 12th

Despite the self-evident truth of empirical observations, science promotes a rationalization for them that has no physical cause. It is not a testable hypothesis. Science is unscientific.