Melting Arctic ice will have catastrophic effects on the world, experts say. Here’s how.

The Arctic is the "frontline" for climate change, scientists said. ByJulia JacoboDecember 24, 2021, 6:28 AM• 12 min readOriginal article If there is any doubt about climate change, look no further than the coldest regions of the planet for proof that the planet is warming at unprecedented rates, experts say. The Arctic, is heating up …

Hypothesis 5

If hell is expanding then we should anticipate that the oceans would be warming from the bottom up. This is a predictive, testable hypothesis. That means it’s scientific.

Hell is Expanding

Cutaway of planet earth showing hell at the center

Theologians have tried to make the doctrine of hell into something palatable by nominal Christians and unbelievers. That's okay, we're not worried about theologians. We all need to be aware that hell is real.

People and Stones

It would appear that there is a clear statement that human souls and debris are being added to hell in the Qur'an. The fire is hell. It's fuel is human souls and debris. Not just any souls, the souls of disbelievers.