Hell is Expanding Data and Evidence

Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.

(Proverbs 27:20) KJV

There are two sources of physical evidence that the expansion of hell is the cause of global warming. The first is establishing the size and location of hell from seismological data.


The P-wave Shadow Zone is the great gulf Jesus describes in Luke 16:26.

Where the rubber meets the road is climate and ocean temperature data. If hell is expanding then we would be expect that ocean water should warm at the bottom, not from the atmosphere.

Ocean Water Warming

If hell were expanding then we should anticipate that the oceans would be warming from the bottom up.

There’s a growing body of work which shows that this is the case. Look at it this way, when you put ice in a glass of water the ice melts but the water gets colder. Polar ice is melting but the oceans are getting warmer. If the atmosphere was melting polar ice, then why aren’t the oceans getting colder? Obviously the warming oceans are melting the ice because of the expansion of hell. This is Predictive Testable Hypothesis 5.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 5

  • IF hell is at the center of the Earth,
    • AND it’s expanding,
  • THEN we would expect to be able to detect this in seismological data,
    • AND we should anticipate that heat radiating from the interior of the Earth would have an effect on ocean water temperatures.

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