The Theory of Noah’s Flood

The word of the Lord came again to me, saying: “Son of man, when a land sins against Me by persistent unfaithfulness, I will stretch out My hand against it; I will cut off its supply of bread, send famine on it, and cut off man and beast from it. Even if these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness,” says the Lord God.

(Ezekiel 14:12-14) NKJV

We have a collection of predictive testable hypotheses which authenticate physical evidence of Noah’s flood with the account in scripture. In science a collection of hypotheses which support a premise is called a theory.

Hypothesis 4

We have advanced the hypothesis that, in the case of the Devonian Old Red Sandstone, the source of sediment in which the fish are buried was the planet Mars.

Hypothesis 4

Was Mars the source of sediment for the Old Red Sandstone in Scotland? Comparing specimens from Mars and Scotland will show that they have the same provenance.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 4

  • IF water from above the firmament struck Mars on its way to earth during the flood,
    • AND this is the provenance of the sediment in the Old Red Sandstone and others,
  • THEN chemical analysis of samples from Mars will confirm the provenance.

Faith is believing in something that you can’t see, because of evidence.

– Faith, definition

Hypothesis 19

We have also advanced the hypothesis that the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary Iridium anomaly marks the point at which the rain from heaven was stopped. After 40 days and 40 nights of rain the water stopped falling, and along with the last of it came Iridium, shocked quartz and weathered glass beads from when the windows of heaven closed.

Hypothesis 19

The presence of extraterrestrial material at the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary has nothing to do with a meteorite impact.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 19

  • IF the firmament is a sphere of rigid crystal on the edge of space above which there once was a body of water,
    • AND if there are windows in it that allowed the passage of water through the firmament in the time of Noah,
  • THEN closing the windows to stop the flow of water would cause grains of shocked quartz and rolled glass beads to be deposited in a layer marking the boundary where the rain stopped.

The reason for creation is the manifestation of sentient life with free will.

– The Reason for Creation

Hypothesis 20

Hypothesis 20

If the entire world’s flora and fauna was buried in a flood, decomposition would cause oxygen depletion which would lead to an anoxic mass extinction of aquatic and marine life.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 20

  • IF the entire world was flooded by an event in which water levels around the world increased for 40 days and nights,
    • AND all of the ecosystems around the world began to decompose in flood water which remained for about a year,
  • THEN we would anticipate a world wide anoxic event in which there was a mass extinction of fish species.

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