The Role of Evolution

We put no obstacle in anyone’s way, so that no fault may be found with our ministry,

(2 Corinthians 6:3) NKJV

One role, or purpose, of Evolution is a no-brainer: If the Bible says that humans were created by God, but we don’t want to believe in God, then we have to find some other way to account for the origin of humanity.

There’s a nuance that we need to understand about Evolution, what it is and it’s scriptural context (yes, it has one). The other role of Evolution is to keep Christians engaged in a worthless debate which merely a distraction away from the real issues, like theoretical Physics.

The problem that mires Christians and makes them look stupid is their insistence that Evolution refers to the development of humanity from the primordial soup. That’s not how the scientific community uses the word.

Somewhere in the last 20 years popular science (SciPop) pivoted and split the process into abiogenesis and evolution. This gives us a clear distinction between creation and the fall. The six days of creation are what we’re going to call abiogenesis. Evolution is the daily process of genetic decay which has been ongoing since the fall of man in Genesis 3.

When a Christian demands that people use their definition and boldly proclaim that “Evolution is impossible” normal people think that they’re delightfully quaint and then go back to their phylogenetic analysis of DNA in which Evolution is obvious.

The real role of Evolution isn’t the origin of humanity, it’s to make Christians look uneducated. Worse still, it’s purpose is to make young people doubt their faith as they progress through the education system. They come from Christian homes where they haven’t been sufficiently prepared to be in an intellectual environment. They get to college and find a different world filled with people who have a haughty and superior attitude towards their quaint beliefs. Well-meaning Christian parents have placed an obstacle in front of their own children and they’re unable to accommodate Evolution into their beliefs.

We’re here to remove the obstacle. Evolution is real, but it’s not the origin of humanity.

July 31st – Evolution

Evolution isn’t the problem that Christian theologians have made it.

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