Deducing Life in Zero-G

The creation of gravity is one thing, but how do we deduce that life began before it? There are several clues. One involves the scriptural metaphor that milk has to come before solid food.

Does God Make You Angry?

worried girl in summer dress on train platform

Have you ever been asked this question: If God is a God of love then why does he allow little children to suffer? Some people focus their anger at God on questions like: why do innocent children get sick and die of incurable diseases?

Abiogenesis not Evolution

lightening storm over a primeval ocean

The first day of creation included development of cellular and multicellular life which was capable of photosynthesis. This may seem far-fetched but it's in harmony with scientific theories of the origin of life.

Carl Linnaeus

The classification of plants animals and minerals is called taxonomy or systematics. Our scientific background is plant systematics. The modern age of systematics is based on comparing DNA sequences.

The Role of Evolution

One role, or purpose, of Evolution is a no-brainer: If the Bible says that humans were created by God, but we don't want to believe in God, then we have to find some other way to account for the origin of humanity.

Entropy and Thermodynamics

If entropy is why the world decays into rubble then how are DNA replication and the process of evolution exempt? They aren't, but that's the premise of the popular science narrative of godless existence (SciPop).