Giant Mirrors in Space

A majority of the stars are crystalline firmament material (CFM) which reflect sunlight like giant mirrors in space. Giant 'mirror' planets just showed up in the popular science narrative (SciPop). Surprise, surprise.

Rubies and Sapphires

If there are football field-sized and larger pieces of ruby and sapphire in the Kuiper belt (crystalline firmament material), then we should see light spectra consistent with ruby and sapphire.

Hypothesis 30

The measurements of starlight we take don't tell us if the light is reflected or emitted by the stellar bodies, that's one of the leaps of faith in the mainstream science paradigm (SciPop).

April 6th

Assuming heliocentricity (Galileo’s bluff) causes the calculated distance to stars to seem greater than it is, because it’s derived from geometry with a base which is 2 astronomic units (AU) wide.

Stellar Parallax

Stellar parallax is used to "verify" that the Earth is moving but it's dependent upon the A priori assumption that the Earth is moving. In case you weren't sure, that's circular reasoning.