The Stratigraphic Column

For after seven more days I will cause it to rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and I will destroy from the face of the earth all living things that I have made.”

(Genesis 7:4) NKJV

One of the pillars of the popular science paradigm (SciPop) is the acceptance of sleight-of-hand and smoke-and-mirrors in place of science. Pithy memes have won the day along with false definitions and propaganda.

Take this for instance, the SciPop definition of faith which crops up with amazing regularity.

Faith is belief without evidence.

– SciPop propaganda

This demonstrates that SciPop hasn’t taught its folk what evidence is or how to use it. We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we believe it’s evidence of. Incidentally, that’s Matty’s razor.

We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we think it’s evidence of.

Matty’s Razor

One of the best examples of evidence which has been made available in the SciPop paradigm while being denied to any competing paradigm through the use of sleight-of-hand is the stratigraphic column, the world-wide distribution of sediment which was obviously deposited in a world-wide flood.

The Stratigraphic Column is evidence of…

  1. In the popular science paradigm (SciPop) it’s used as evidence for:
    • the Geological Timescale, a contrivance of circular reasoning which is the backbone of Darwinian evolution.
    • It’s divided into sections like Cambrian, Silurian, Ordovician, Devonian etc.
  2. In Matty’s Paradigm it’s evidence for:
    1. the creation of gravity and the core accretion model,
      • Precambrian (Gravitian) fossils were deposited on the second day.
    2. Noah’s flood,
      • Cambrian-Quaternary (Noachian) fossils were deposited in Noah’s flood.

It’s not even possible to have an intelligent discussion about the use of evidence as you’ll see from the exchange below.

The Cluelessness Event Horizon and the Stratigraphic Column

  • Atheist Science Troll (AST): Noah’s flood never happened.
  • Matty: How do you know?
  • AST: There’s no evidence.
  • Matty: The stratigraphic column, Cambrian through Quaternary, was deposited in Noah’s flood. The evidence covers most of the surface of the earth. Just as you would expect after a world-wide flood.
  • AST 2: So when was the Precambrian deposited?
  • Matty: The Precambrian was deposited on the 2nd day in response to the creation of gravity.
  • AST 2: Sperglywerbly bibbleflop was ergliniggled in the wappodywarwar
  • Matty: The annihilation of atheism continues.

The Cluelessness Event Horizon (CEH) – Navigation

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July 22nd – The Cluelessness Event Horizon (CEH)

The supposed intellectual high ground of popular science (SciPop) has no knowledge base. We’re witnessing a mass migration across the CEH.

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