Matty’s Razor

The idea that evidence is neutral and we all have access to it is known as Matty's Razor. Evidence doesn't lead to a conclusion, it just is. How we interpret evidence is determined by what we believe. It's called cognitive bias.

Evidence for God 3

So what do we say to people who insist that there's absolutely no evidence for the existence of God? They don't know what evidence is or how it's used. We give them Matty's razor.

March 15th

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) begin a descent into the interior of the Earth. We started with the grave, and now progress deeper into the underworld realm of the dead.

February 25th

We are going to show that the words faith and theory are synonyms. Sight and empirical are also synonyms. Empirical evidence is what we see. What we choose to believe about it is our faith.