The Mass of the Sun

When the sun rises, they gather together And lie down in their dens.

(Psalms 104:22) NKJV

The current generation of Trekkie scientists assume that you can measure the mass of the sun from a deep space probe. That’s what popular science (SciPop) is now, an inductive rationalization of the Star Trek universe.

The mass of the sun is calculated using Kepler’s 3rd law of planetary motion and Newton’s law of universal gravitation. It begins by assuming heliocentricity. This is a critical flaw in SciPop which it’s perfectly happy to ignore. If the assumption of heliocentricity is used to calculate the mass of the sun, then the value we get can’t be used as proof of heliocentricity, that’s circular reasoning.

How massive would the Sun have to be in order to..
.. hold the Earth (of known mass)*
.. in orbit (of known radius and duration)?

– The logic used to calculate the mass of the sun.

If we change the initial assumption to Geocentrospheric then the mass of the sun is smaller by a factor of 9.87E-12 (Matty’s Constant).

A lot of people are convinced that the mass of the sun is calculated using hydrogen fusion, and when we say a lot, that includes university professors. We’ve probed this belief on several occasions and tried to get people to show the math used to do this. It’s complex, but there comes a point when the calculation has to revert to the mass value we get from Kepler and Newton. It turns out that hydrogen fusion is used to derive a measurement of the lifespan of the sun, not its mass. We’re including our investigation of this issue in today’s devotional (see the navigation table below).

Most people simply don’t have a clue. However, they’re determined to prove that they know what they’re talking about. The Twitter paradox.

The Cluelessness Event Horizon and the Mass of the Sun

  • Matty: I don’t think you know how to calculate the mass of the sun.
  • Troll: I don’t believe it’s possible beyond approximation, but we do know the suns mass isn’t large enough for it to become a neutron star let alone a black hole. It will become a red giant then a white dwarf millions of years from now.
  • Matty: Okay…. You just went from failing a simple math problem into pure speculation about the Star Trek universe. Come back to reality.
  • Troll: It’s a reality the sun will become a red dwarf and will expand, again sources can be found from peer approved astrophysicists.
  • Matty: My friend there is more to science than citing poorly understood propaganda.
  • Troll: Sorry I mean red giant not red dwarf lol
  • Matty: It’s quite alright. It’s very obvious that you don’t have a clue.

Here’s a video with nice music for you to watch while you contemplate that the Sun’s mass is proportionally smaller than the Earth as we presently think the Earth is to the Sun. And don’t worry, it doesn’t require any change to Newton’s or Kepler’s laws, we’re just applying them to a different a priori assumption.

Where did you get here from?
1July 22nd – The Cluelessness Event Horizon (CEH)
2October 14th – Corollary VI
– Navigate back where you came from.

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