February 12th

A Garment of Light

Praise the Lord, my soul!
O Lord, my God, how great you are!
You are clothed with majesty and glory;
you cover yourself with light.
You have spread out the heavens like a tent
and built your home on the waters above.

(Psalms 104:1-2) Good News Translation

In the broad narrative of scripture the separation of light and darkness isn’t a cycle from day to night. It’s the prevailing theme of the Bible but this separation has to be physical and permanent.

Day and night exist at the same time, depending on your location. Day becomes night, and night becomes day. We (that’s me and the Holy spirit) are deducing a physical system, called the universe, which is designed to bring about the permanent physical separation of light from darkness, good from evil. It’s the purpose of creation.

The purpose of creation is to bring about the permanent physical separation of light from darkness, day from night, good from evil.

– The Purpose of Creation

God is Above

The Spirit took control of me, and the angel carried me to the top of a very high mountain. He showed me Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down out of heaven from God and shining with the glory of God.

(Revelation 21:10-11) Good News Translation

At the end of the age a city full of the light of the glory of God and the Lamb will come down from heaven and we’ll live there. Everything else will be cast into outer darkness. Light is being separated from darkness through a process which takes all of history to accomplish, but the first part of this physical separation took place when gravity was created on the second day.

The META Narrative

Those things, which are copies of the heavenly originals, had to be purified in that way. But the heavenly things themselves require much better sacrifices.

(Hebrews 9:23) Good News Translation

The META narrative is notable in that things on Earth are copied from things in the heavens. and that there are two manifestations of each major event. The most obvious example is Jesus Christ, God the Son, being born as a baby in Bethlehem vs. his eventual return as a conquering King. The template for this arrangement comes from the occurrence of darkness in the beginning, before God said let light be, and the occurrence of darkness again at the end of the first day.

The remedy to this second darkness, the darkness he called night, is the permanent physical separation of light from darkness by the creation of heaven and Earth through the action of gravity. Heaven above is light, Earth below is darkness. If the firmament is a rigid sphere of brightly shining crystal on the edge of space, then we can show how this is consistent with the broad narrative of scripture.

Here are five examples of major physical events in the creative process (1st appearance) which are pictured by historical events (2nd appearance). The pattern is nested, which is to say the 1st appearance of something can have a 1st and 2nd appearance, this is how the pattern repeats itself.

Pattern and Process in Creation

  1. Darkness that came when the sacrifice was made,
  2. The first appearance of light,
  3. Darkness that came when the sacrifice was rejected,
  4. The second appearance of light,
    • the firmament, heaven (light above) and
    • Earth (darkness below).
  5. The permanent separation of light from darkness,
    • the new heaven and earth (inner light), and
    • the lake of fire (outer darkness).

Tying the physics of the universe to the broad narrative of scripture requires that we can substantiate both a scriptural basis and a physical process for each of the following:

Establishing the Meta Narrative of Scripture

  1. God is light,
  2. Hell is darkness, heaven is light, and
  3. Heaven is above.

A Garment of Light – Navigation

1A Garment of LightPsalms 104:1-2
God is Light1 John 1:5
Hell is Darkness, Heaven is LightJob 33:27-30
Where Light DwellsJob 38:19-20
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate a garment of light


  1. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ,
    • believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
  2. confess your sin.

Read through the Bible in a year

Reading planFebruary 12
LinearNumbers 20-22
ChronologicalExodus 39-40
– Read 3 chapters every day and 5 chapters on Sundays

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