Weaving the Cultural Fabric of Our Time

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

(Romans 8:31) KJV

We’re years behind the curve of understanding the impact that self publishing has had in the publishing business.  We’re last one off the blocks in learning the ins and outs of social media.

When it comes to technology and consumer electronics we like ours 5+ years old.  We’re not in a rush here folks, so why do we feel so much pressure?

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Pinning one’s hopes on becoming the next James Patterson or Stephen King has probably slimmer odds than winning the lottery. Self publishing an ebook on Amazon means that the work in question has to be finished and polished. Such dilemmas. Looking at the offerings for advice on preparing a manuscript runs the gamut from: ask a friend who is an English teacher to read it (and that can be perilous), to: hire a team of editors, illustrators, marketers and publicists.

What if we choose none of the above? From our vantage point every strategy that we’ve seen to date has really just one goal: selling books. Which is another way of saying: making money.  What if we were to take that out of the equation?  If making money has no bearing at all on our motivation, then why are we motivated?

With the ultra-connected internet of everything breathing down our necks let’s take a moment to think about cultural longevity.  When kids were asked which would they prefer, a long-lasting stable career or to produce a viral video?  Most of them chose the viral video.  It would be pretty neat wouldn’t it?  to have 1 billion views of a video of us tipping over a barbed wire fence and having our pants ripped off. Hilarious. Painful, but hey, it got 1 billion views. The quest to go viral has become viral. Given this backdrop, of multiple multimedia platforms able to reach about 1.6 billion people around the world, let’s think about this: would it be possible to have our ideas, story, and characters woven into the cultural fabric of our time?

Theoretically it should possible to have the entire collective consciousness of internet users be familiar with our brand and product.  It should even be possible to do this without either spending or making any money. It represents a breakage of the link between wealth and influence.  Traditionally wealth would be necessary to have influence, and a great example of this is the Donald Trump Presidency.  Love him or hate him, the power he has to attract media coverage is because of the influence of his wealth.

Poor people have had great influence, to be sure. Jesus Christ for example. He feeds a deep spiritual need and give hopes to millions of people. Could that avenue be tapped? Could we find the spiritual truth that people today don’t even know that they need, and use it to become universally known? Would it be wrong? Not if we’re preaching salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

It would be wrong to take the name of Jesus Christ and use it to gain wealth and influence. But to take the name of Jesus Christ and use it to promote the name of Jesus Christ couldn’t possibly be wrong. And the ultimate goal of that is to see souls be saved for eternity. These are interesting times to be sure. Let’s not miss something blindingly obvious because we are trying to make money.

So we come back to the thing that has been bothering us. Jesus Christ gave to the church a great commission. Given the power of social media to reach out to people all around the world, it would seem that there’s a moral imperative to use it to reach as many people as possible. Let’s face it, all this technology and the power of the internet surely has more value than to simply promote pornography, right? Plus, if our endeavor is within the will of God then His divine power and influence will be brought to bear. This gives us a predictive testable hypothesis based on Gamaliel’s Council in Acts chapter 5.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 12

  • IF Matty’s Paradigm is the product of a genuine search for the truth which God has encoded in scripture,
    • AND if it’s God’s will for this truth to be known,
  • THEN it will succeed and be known.


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