A common response to the human soul is that there isn't one because science can't detect it. However, we first detected gravitational waves in 2015. What else can't science detect? We don't know, science can't detect it.

Direction of Motion

The direction of motion is a clue that we've used to put all of the puzzle pieces together. We could induce a meaning to a passage, or we could compare it to our model and deduce that the pit is lower than the grave.

Graves and Pits

We are discussing the repercussions of the fall of man on the physical system of creation. One of the repercussions was the start of radioactive decay. This in turn is the beginning of hell, since the explosive rate of decay, concentrated at the core of the earth, caused the core to melt. This is the …

March 13th

The Hebrews had a well developed idea of life after death. For them death, the grave, was a portal into a complex underworld realm. The grave is just the beginning of what happens next.