Hypothesis 46

There are two scriptural contexts for which it would be wise to prepare an MEV (meteorite escape vehicle). Firstly, meteorite impacts are going to become increasingly frequent so everybody needs one.

Predictive Prophecy

People, even Christians, commonly claim is that the Bible isn't scientific. One reason being that it doesn't make any predictions which can be tested. We'll show you that the Bible is predictive, testable and scientific.

Hypothesis 29

Asteroids have elliptical orbits which is why they approach close to the Earth. They're there ready for a time when they're doomed to crash into the Earth during the tribulation. This gives us a predictive testable hypothesis.

November 16th

Can we calculate a new planetary radius for the Millennial Kingdom based on what Revelations tells us about how much stellar material will fall to earth? How many stars are there? What is the weight of a talent?