What is Gravity?

The simple answer to the question, what IS gravity? may be answered with words like the Higgs Boson particle. Don't be fooled. That's circumstantial evidence. The Higgs Boson particle is the mode of action of gravity, not its cause.

June 9th

Mainstream science (SciPop) as a means to deny the existence of God is dead. True science has been reclaimed as how we can understand absolute truth: God is love. Now we (that's me and the Holy spirit) can prove it with Physics.

April 16th

Quantities aren't really quantities, even if we give them names. Words define the thing, even though the thing may be unknown.

Newton gave SciPop the math it needed to remove Earth from the center of the universe, and hell from the center of Earth. His work is based on bold guesses. They were wrong.

Down the Rabbit Hole

What if we told you that the world popular science wants you to believe in, an insignificant speck orbiting an insignificant speck drifting through a vast cosmos, is a false narrative of godless existence? Do you even care?