Newton’s Toolbox

Sir Isaac Newton gave science the mathematical tools it needed to deny the existence of heaven and hell. Unfortunately the tools require two assumptions which just happen to be wrong.

Corporal Punishment

As a single dad who's been chewed up and spat out by by social services there isn't anything more sickening than a Pastor preaching at full-tilt and yelling about how he beat his kids for any minor infraction of his authority.

The Witch of Endor

You may be skeptical of the idea that there's an underworld realm of the dead deep in the interior of the Earth, or that the souls of the Old Testament saints had to wait there for the messiah. That's understandable.

Direction of Motion

The direction of motion is a clue that we've used to put all of the puzzle pieces together. We could induce a meaning to a passage, or we could compare it to our model and deduce that the pit is lower than the grave.