August 16th

The Jurassic wasn't a period of time, it was an ecosystem which was adapted to certain conditions of aspect and altitude, determining the flora and fauna, which had world wide occurrence at the time of Noah's flood.

March 11th

Sunlight filtering throught leave of a knarled tree in the fall

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) use deductive reasoning to resolve supposed conflicts between the Bible and what people refer to as "science" but which we've isolated and identified to be THE NARRATIVE (SciPop).

March 9th

The traditional battle line of the science vs. faith debate is creation vs. evolution. However, science requires faith, and evolution is an integral part of the creation narrative.

February 28th

The biological definition of life and what the Bible describes as living aren't the same thing. This is important to know as we see how the process of creation unfolded. Biology is the foundation of secular humanism.