Redistribution of Floras

He produced manuals on botany, describing every kind of plant, from the cedars of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows on walls. He also produced manuals on biology, describing animals, birds, insects, and fish.

(1 Kings 4:33) NET Bible

Redistribution of floras reflecting advances and retreats of glaciers.” Glacial ice formed at the poles and around the equator as the waters of Noah’s flood evaporated.

Evaporation causes cooling, and cooling caused the ice. Ice has been retreating ever since Noah’s flood. The ice has been mitigating the effect of the expansion of hell. Now there is very little ice left which is why we are experiencing “climate change“.

As popular science (SciPop) tried to hammer the evidence to fit the evolution narrative, there ended up being several advances and retreats of glacial ice over the last 40,000 years. Then it became the last 100,000 years, then the last million years. Then they had to invent the Permian for an ice age 255 million years ago.

SciPop can never settle on anything. Part of this is due to the human ego. Every generation brings people who want to stand out and make a name for themselves. You can’t make a name for yourself by boldly proclaiming that the last generation’s knowledge is sufficient and doesn’t need to be tampered with. There always has to be something new to “discover“. Technology is a willful accomplice, because every new technological development gives us a “new” source of data which gives us the ability to “shed new light” on the previously contrived notions.

Every week another “new” fossil allows us to “rewrite the history” of the origin of humanity. History has been rewritten so many times that the rewrites could accidentally match the truth and no one would know. Here’s the irony: truth is absolute. History only happened one way. Every new discovery and every new technology allows SciPop to rewrite the history of humanity, such that SciPop is in continual flux. If truth is absolute, but SciPop is in flux, then SciPop and truth are mutually exclusive.

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