Abraham and Job

We can be certain that Job was a contemporary of Abraham. This means that when Job describes God overturning mountains, he's recounting something that happened recently, about 200 or so years before him.

Elevation of Andes

"Elevation of the Andes and general continued uplift of continents" doesn't sound like much, does it? We're talking about the formation of the South American continent and the Pacific ocean. Nothing major.

August 25th

Deposition and lithification of sediment (Noah's flood), had to be before the formation of mountains which are composed of the sediment (Peleg's tectonics). That's an acknowledgement of the relationship of cause and effect

November 24th

How much do you love animals? Enough to become a Christian and pray for the return of Jesus Christ so that herbivores can finally be safe from their predators? Predators will become vegetarian.