Truth isn't falsifiable so, technically, there's no hypothesis for it. What if it isn't testable either? That means it's unscientific. And yet it's still the truth. We're watching a philosophical train wreck in slow-motion.

A Theory of First Cause

Stylalized ball-and-stick water molecule

First cause isn't the same as the Big Bang. The Big Bang, or more accurately we should say nucleosynthesis, is an effect, not a cause. Popular Science (SciPop) promotes speculation about a possible first cause.

God is a Spirit

Slow-motion incense smoke.

God is a spirit doesn't mean that God is mystical and undefined, it means His physical nature is that of a vapor. However, God is more than just a Spirit so it's accurate to say that God has a Spirit.

May 16th

Slow-motion incense smoke.

How can a spiritual entity which is based on a gravity node project a visible image? Humans figured out how to project holograms. God has been doing it for millennia. Satan can do it too.

January 16th

The scientific method is a philosophical contrivance designed to make finding the truth impossible. In a twist of irony, the scientific method may be used to demonstrate that the scientific method is a farce.