Deducing Life in Zero-G

The creation of gravity is one thing, but how do we deduce that life began before it? There are several clues. One involves the scriptural metaphor that milk has to come before solid food.

The Core Accretion Model

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity

They key to understanding the inception of gravity as the creative act of the second day is the synchronicity between stretching out the heavens and establishing the foundations of the Earth. One command did both.

Life Before Oxygen

In the Matty's Paradigm narrative cellular life originates in water in zero-G, before there was an atmosphere. Here's some science lingo attempting to explain super-sized prokaryotic cells in an environment with no oxygen.

Hypothesis 2

Sunlight streams through the Emerald Sea and lights up the leaves of Kelp

If life began in a zero gravity environment on the first day, then the unicellular and multicellular life forms would have reached exceptionally large size as compared to similar organisms grown in gravity.

January 29th

Sunlight streams through the Emerald Sea and lights up the leaves of Bull Kelp

By the end of the first day light was trapped in a watery mass teeming with biological life. It was the primordial soup that popular science (SciPop) predicts was the cradle of life. It was a zero-gravity environment.