Purging and Cleansing

The Son of God, through whom all things were made, not only made creation possible but his ongoing role throughout history has been to purge it of all impurity and corruption.

Wash Your Clothes

Possibly the best advice which is the most sustainable and will avoid falling into the trap of trying to out do the Jones is this: wear clean clothes. The state of our heart is what counts, and only God can see that.

Holy and Profane

Holy and unholy (profane) are synonyms for clean and unclean. They're part of how the Bible describes spiritual condition. We're either alive or dead, spiritual or carnal, giving or receiving, holy or unholy, clean or unclean.

In the Beginning

The deep existed in the beginning, before God began to create the universe as we know it. This means that creation isn't Ex nihilo, it's Ex abyssi. It's obvious but everyone else missed it completely.

Hydroxyl (OH)

Hydroxyl (OH-) and Hydrogen (H+) form an unstable plasma called water.

If you thought that we had gone off the deep end before, then you should know that the deep end also has a deep end. We're combining the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ with Chemistry and Physics.