The Creation of Man

The narrative of Genesis 2 picks up with a broad synopsis of the creative process necessary to provide an environment where intelligent sentient beings, including Homo sapiens, will live.

Experimentation and Evolution

Popular science (SciPop) has been zealous in it's pursuit of documentation for Evolution. The modern scientific method was honed at the same time that Cladistic Phylogenetic Analysis was being developed.

Strong Delusion

Why would God send a strong delusion if we've been given knowledge of the truth? Do you love the truth, or hate it? Some people don't want it. You have a choice. You can believe anything you want.

August 9th

We (that's me and the Holy Spirit) didn’t realize it at the time, but the first nail we hammered into the lid of the coffin of our academic career was a paper about using cladistic phylogenetic analysis to study the Devonian fossil Archaeopteris.


We're critical of the philosophical construction of the scientific method because it's been meticulously crafted to exclude any possibility that the truth can be either an acceptable premise, or a possible conclusion.

May 20th

In spherogenetic systematics Fish is a higher rank than Whale. The fish of the sea is everything created in the hydrosphere. Whale is a subcategory. The thing that swallowed Jonah was both a fish and a whale.

May 19th

The reptile/mammal transition isn't evolution, there's no passage of heritable traits from generation to generation, it's abiogenesis. It illustrates the use of spherogenetic systematics as a deductive tool.