East of Eden

Sunlight filtering throught leave of a knarled tree in the fall

The east of Eden may seem like a vague reference, particularly if we were asking for directions, but it may be the location of an intriguing event which may have jump started the development of technology.

Cherub Classification

We're going to use the Cherubim as a case study of the benefit of using spherogenetic systematics as a deductive tool. According to scripture Cherubim have mostly mammalian, not reptilian, characteristics.

Satan Wasn’t in Eden

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) refute the widely held belief that Satan was in the garden of Eden and that he brought about the fall of man. It fails to take into account the relationship between cause and effect.

May 24th

The heavenly realm, or firmasphere, was populated on the fourth day. Zechariah describes one heavenly being as a woman with the wings of a stork. This means that women existed in heaven before there were women on Earth.

May 23rd

It's commonly spoken of and preached that the "anointed cherub" of Ezekiel is Lucifer, also known as Satan. This is impossible. There are five reasons why the anointed cherub isn't Satan.

May 22nd

Seraphim and Cherubim were created in the firmasphere on the 4th day. God recombined their characteristics as he created the moving creatures in the hydrosphere and fowls in the atmosphere on the 5th day.

May 21st

Can we take a systematic approach to the Bible and come to know the mind of Christ? Some things are spiritually discerned, but if we who are spiritual take a systematic approach, what will we find?