Testing Hypothesis 27

We find our next clue in Genesis 4. The injured party, Abel, is crying out in pain and anguish in a way that the Lord can hear but Abel's body is dead and his blood is now seeping into the ground.

Answer 2

Original sin is why mankind is in a fallen state. However, that's not our fault. We're born into this system but we're not going to be held accountable for it. We have our own sin which is why we're under the judgment of God.

The Midst of my Body

Daniel was visited by a spirit and saw a vision. The spirit was inhaled, dissolved in the blood, circulated to his brain, delivered its message directly into his visual cortex, then was filtered out by his kidneys.

He Had by the Spirit

Slow-motion incense smoke.

God has a way of translating this information into a volatile compound or class of compounds. This manifests as a cloud of invisible vapor which maintains its integrity through the action of a gravity node.

O Lord, Try my Kidneys

If the Lord can try our hearts to find out, or really show us, whether our motivations are pure or not, then this applies to the kidneys which regulate the blood that can potentially influence the heart.

Spiritual Possession

We may know that bipolar disorder, for instance, is caused by a chemical imbalance, but what causes the chemical imbalance? Who's to say that the causes aren't spiritual entities who are chemical compounds in vapor form?

The Holy Trinity

We're studying the aspects, attributes and characteristics of life to see what we can deduce about our LORD God. We were created in God's image, examining the image will teach us about the nature of God.

Soul vs. Body

The connection between the soul and the blood, as the life of the individual, is strong, but there's more to it than that. The soul isn't simply the result of the spirit dissolving in the blood.