What is the Soul?

Complicated deduction is an exercise in mental agility, but sometimes things fall in your lap. We have an explicit statement that the human soul is a gravity node. How so? God has put eternity, a singularity, in our hearts.

Gravity and the Soul

The foundations of the earth refers to a gravitational singularity at the center of Earth and it gives us the Biblical core accretion model. Another aspect of the Biblical theory of gravity has to do with the nature of the soul.

In Hades he Looked Up

The rich man, in hell, lifts up his eyes and speaks of his torment in flame. Here's the thing: Abraham and Lazarus are also in hell, but they're not in flame. This may be confusing, but it's compatible with our model.

The Soul Conclusion

If science can't detect it then it doesn't exist. That's rhetoric which crops up on social media quite frequently. The soul is undetectable by popular science (SciPop) which is why scientists dismiss the possibility that it exists.