Nuffield Chemistry

Nuffield College lower quadrangle

When we were taking our 'O' levels, grades 9 and 10, we strategically sought understanding of the theoretical anchors which which have been used to build the popular science narrative godless existence (SciPop).

October 29th

God loves us so much that he has given us free will to be able to choose our own outcome. However, in the light of the broad narrative of scripture this leads to an interesting question.

October 28th

If the theory of evolution was the centerpiece of the popular science narrative of godless existence (SciPop), then radiometric dating was the pseudoscientific glue which held it together.

October 27th

Abiogenesis took place over the six days of creation, it produced fully formed Homo sapiens, evolution is the process of genetic decay which began in Genesis 3 at the fall of man.

October 26th

We use multiple lines of investigation including scripture, empirical observations, theoretical models, and physical evidence to deduce the presence of a sphere of crystal on the edge of space.

October 25th

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity

The ordering of creation by the establishment of above (heaven) and below (earth) was through the action of gravity, and the gravitational singularity is the assembly of souls where we all began.

October 24th

On the 1st day God said let there be light. The Bible tells us that life and light appeared together, but we don't need to depend on scripture because we can use physical evidence.