Got Milk?

By the end of the first day, there was a watery matrix that included atoms and molecules, cellular and multi-cellular life with replicating DNA, and the life forms we know of as Precambrian fossils.

Soup or Milk?

Popular science (SciPop) came up with the theory of abiogenesis in a primordial soup many years ago. Then amino acids were made from simple precursors in a lab and SciPop decided that it had proven its theory.

The Milk of the Word

We find that there are passages of scripture which, though appearing to be metaphorical, describe actual physical conditions or chemical reactions. These misunderstood passages are dismissed as flowery poetic language.If a baby needs milk to survive before it can tolerate solid food, has this been patterned after the processes which took place on the first and second days of the creation of the universe?

October 8th

Just as a baby needs milk before it can eat solid food, the creative work of the 1st day produced light and a watery suspension like milk. It was homogeneous, as we know from the CMBR.