Written on Our Hearts

Could it be that we're all walking around with the Bible as non-coding DNA in every cell of our bodies? It's within the realm of possibility in Matty's Paradigm. No one has an excuse to not believe in God. No one.

We are Without Excuse

Most people choose to believe the popular science (SciPop) paradigm because they want to relegate God to irrelevant or optional, so that they can live immoral lives with no guilt or fear of judgement. It doesn't work.

God has Shown it to Us

Our conscience is why we experience guilt. We don't have to be told when we've done something wrong: we know. We may act like it doesn't matter but we still know that we did something wrong because of guilt.


We can all relate to the definition of guilt. We may feel guilt, a feeling of deserving blame for offenses, but the reason why we feel it is because of the fact of having committed a breach of conduct. It is a fact that we're all sinners.

June 19th

Our conscience is proof that the popular science (SciPop) narrative of godless existence is false. That means hell is real, but then so is heaven. The difference between heaven and hell is faith in Jesus Christ.