A Response to “The Pillars of the Earth and Radial Shrinkage”

Dennis the Menace2 August 2017Original submission (.pdf) Introduction: In the interest of good science, I always make sure to consider opposing arguments to my currently held viewpoints to the furthest extent. Recently, Matty’s Paradigm has sent me a link to an article, written by himself, titled “The Pillars of the Earth and Radial Shrinkage”. This …

Hypothesis 8

The pillars of the earth occur in a few places in scripture. We can incorporate them into the Biblical narrative we're constructing to explain the development of the Spherical Hollow Earth Model (SHEM).

The Bars of the Pit

"The bars of the pit" is a synonym for "the pillars of the earth." They're in the great gulf or "mega chasm" which is the region of Earth's interior which popular science (SciPop) calls the "liquid outer core."

March 22nd

Is Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, one of the pillars of the Earth?

We have an example of the of the Hebrew word tebel (world) being used to refer to part of the earth (erets). In this case the world (mantle) has been set upon the pillars of the earth.