Foundation: מְכוֹנֶ֑יהָ – mechoneiha

Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.

(Psalms 104:5) KJV

This is a very specific usage of the word foundation. The root that the word is derived from is makon, which is more broad, however this particular variant occurs in one place only. It clearly established that the foundation of the Earth was established once for ever.

Foundation: מְכוֹנֶ֑יהָ – mechoneiha

  • to be firm
  • a fixed or established place, foundation
  • to stand, Arab. to exist, hence
    1. to set up, fix, confirm, establish.
    2. to prepare, fashion, form.
    3. to adjust, direct, aim.
  • Pul.
    1. to be established, Ps. 37:33.
    2. to be prepared, Eze. 28:13.
  • Hiph.
    1. to set up, establish, strengthen.
    2. to constitute, appoint.
    3. to adjust, direct, aim.
    4. to prepare, make ready.

Davidson’s Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon page CCCLXXIII

Taking all of this into consideration there is clearly enough meaning here to allow the possibility that a gravitational singularity was created at a fixed place in the deep, and thus the establishment of the foundations of the earth was the sinking down of sediment in response to the gravitational attraction of the growing core of the Earth.

This is part of our doctrine that the universe has an absolute frame of reference and the Earth is at the center.

The Foundation of the Earth

The phrase “the foundation(s) of the earth/world” carries a lot of meaning. We conduct a systematic study of the phrase.

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