Matty’s Constant

For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

(Galatians 1:12) KJV

We can convert heliocentric planetary mass values to Geocentrospheric using Matty’s Constant, 9.87^-12, for the conversion of fantasy into reality.

No one has ever weighed the sun or the planets. The values that we use for their mass are derived from the A priori assumption of either Heliocentricity or Geocentrosphericity. The values depend on the assumption. In either case the mass values of the planetary bodies have the same proportional relationships, they still exert the same gravitational forces on each other, they’re just substantially lower.

We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we think it’s evidence of.

Matty’s Razor

We thought that it would be possible to tinker with the equation used to calculate the mass of the sun by switching some values in order to derive a new Geocentrospheric mass value. It turns out that it’s not that simple. Here’s a video of a clever chap explaining the calculation. The assumption of heliocentricity is stated at about the 16 second mark.

What happens during the calculation is that the mass of the Earth (the known variable*) ends up on both sides of the equation and so it cancels out. What we end up with is a calculation using angular velocity and the assumption of heliocentricity but nothing else. This means that the popular science (SciPop) value of the mass of the sun is simply a restatement of the premise of heliocentricity. Therefore the mass of the sun can’t be used as proof of heliocentricity because heliocentricity was assumed to begin with. It’s circular reasoning. Garbage in = garbage out.

However, this calculation defines the gravitational relationship between the mass of the Earth and the mass of the sun. According to the calculation the Earth is 0.0003% the mass of the sun. If we change the assumption from heliocentric to Geocentrospheric we can now say that the sun is 0.0003% the mass of the Earth. We haven’t broken any laws of physics. We’re still using Kepler’s 3rd law of motion and Newton’s law of gravity. The only thing we changed is our assumption regarding which body orbits which. The value of the mass of the sun in Matty’s Paradigm is 9.87^-12 of what it is in SciPop.

The mass values of all other planetary and stellar bodies are derived from the mass of the sun, they’re relative to it, they aren’t absolute values. When we change the assumption about which body orbits which, the sun orbiting the Earth or the Earth orbiting the sun, the values change but their relative proportions are exactly the same. We find that, as Newton realized, we don’t know any of the absolute values of the mass of planetary and stellar bodies.

*As we pointed out on October 10th, the mass of the Earth isn’t known, it is a value which has been agreed upon.

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